10 Hangover Cures From Some of the World’s Biggest Party Places

From London to Berlin, Miami to Bangkok, and Buenos Aires to Barcelona, partying is a worldwide phenomenon. Unfortunately, the fun of partying is also often followed the next morning by a raging headache, nausea, and other nasty symptoms. Just as alcohol is universal, so are hangover cures. Here are some party cities around the world and the weird, delicious, and straight-up insane ways they cure the hangover blues.

  1. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: Dragonfruit, Ginger, & Rum Hangover Cures


    hangover cure san juan del sur nicaraguaBlend it up with some ice and serve it in small shot glasses. I don’t know if these ingredients actually have any curative properties, but the drink is delicious and smoothies usually sound amazing when I wake up hungover and feeling like I swallowed the Sahara dessert.

  2. Las Vegas, Nevada: Oxygen Bar Hangover Cures

    In a city known for the bizarrely extravagant and the capital for those who wish to irresponsibly blow their dough, it’s no surprise that they’ve taken to selling air. That’s right: over the past few years, oxygen bars have taken over Las Vegas and can even be found in their airport, touting a number of health benefits including the ability to cure the Hangover to end all hangovers.

  3. Costa Rica: TAgua de Pipa (Fresh Coconut Water) Hangover Cures

    pipa fria coconut water costa ricaFrom Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast to las playas on the Pacific coast where Sublime used to hang and write their songs, Costa Rica’s beach towns definitely know how to party. And their pura vida lifestyle leads to hangover cures of the more healthy, natural persuasion. Herbal medicine is big there, but my personal favorite is an ice cold Agua de Pipa, or coconut water. I’m not talking about a plastic bottle you pay $6 for at Whole Foods. I’m talking about walking down to the beach, picking up a freshly fallen coconut, cracking it open with a machete, and sticking in your own straw. Or, for the less DIY-inclined, you can almost always find someone selling them ready-to-go and chilled on the beach for $1.

  4. Bangkok, Thailand: Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles) Hangover Cures

    pad kee mao drunken noodles hangover curePad Kee Mao, a popular Thai dish, is commonly referred to as “drunken noodles” for more reason than one. Not only are the noodles drenched in a delicious, salty, spicy sauce, but it is frequently claimed that a heaping platter of this spicy noodles is good for hangovers. The spice helps battle a headache and makes you sweat out any leftover alcohol while the hearty ingredients help with extreme hunger. Some claim that the dish is more effective at preventing hangovers if consumed while drinking while others claim that spicy soup is a better morning-after cure. Frankly, I don’t care either way, because pad kee mao definitely cures my desire for delicious, spicy, carb-loaded food.

  5. Mexico City, Mexico: Electric Shock Hangover Cures

    hangover cure electric shockYup, you read that right. While certainly not as pleasant as a fresh coconut or spicy noodles, a man in Mexico City called “Mr. Chispacito” is going around bars selling electric shocksclaiming they shock you out of your drunken state, allowing you to either continue drinking or feel reduced effects the next morning. Drunkenly paying someone to give me an electric shock sounds a lot more like a painful scam than a legitimate medical remedy, but I have to hand it to Mr. Chispacito, selling a product to inebriated people with loose wallets that claims to allow them to continue consuming alcohol without any ill effects is pretty genius.

  6. Munich, Germany: Rollmops (Pickled Herring) Hangover Cures

    pickled herring rollmops hangover cureFrom the country that brought the world Oktoberfest, rollmops, or pickled herring fillets rolled up and stuck with a toothpick are the hangover cure of choice. It’s kind of like a ham and cheese roll-up, only more fragrant. These babies are supposed to restore your electrolytes, something your body dearly needs after slamming a dozen beer steins.

  7. Montreal, Canada: Poutine Hangover Cures

    poutine hangover cureWhile there is absolutely zero scientific evidence that a plate of greasy, carb-loaded food actually cures a hangover (and there is definitely scientific evidence that it’s not the healthiest choice for your body in general), this one is my personal favorite. I’ve literally had drunk dreams about climbing up a mountain made of fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Arguably Canada’s greatest contribution to the world.

  8. Tokyo, Japan: Umeboshi Plums Hangover Cures

    fermented plum hangover cure japanA kind of fermented plum popular in Japan, China, and Korea, these babies have all kinds of health benefits due to the citric acid that arises during fermentation. Served with sea salt and shisho leaves (which are also medicinal themselves), this dish is the superfood to end all superfoods, and have even been used to combat liver toxicity. Ditch the green smoothie and plop a few of these into your mouth. For added benefit, consume with white rice (easy on the stomach) and green tea (another hangover cure).

  9. Copenhagen, Denmark: Reparationbajer (Recovery Beer) Hangover Cures

    pale ale hangover cure copenhagenLeave it to the Netherlands to invent a beer to cure that hangover you have from drinking too much beer. However, the method of never stop drinking and you won’t get a hangover is tried and true. Denmark’s Reparationbajer, or recovery beer, is a pale ale (my personal favorite for helping a hangover) with floral, citrus, and pine notes that’s insanely refreshing.

  10. Los Angeles, California: ‘Hangover Bus’ Hangover Cures

    IV hangover In Southern California, people will go to the doctor for just about anything: “spiritual illness”, wrinkles, a new set of breasts, and even hangovers. There are a number of hangover doctors” in Los Angeles County that give their patients saline and vitamin IVs for about an hour to replenish their booze-filled body, as well as a number of other treatment options. One has taken it a step further and gone mobile, driving around on the weekends in a “hangover bus” that provides these services in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It’s definitely the most expensive option on this list, but for the rich and famous to whom money is no object, it’s probably the most effective.


Of course, the best method of prevention is always abstinence. But where’s the fun in that?

What are your favorite hangover cures?

Let us know in the comments!

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