Ecotourism in Nicaragua: 7 Inspiring Non-Profits and How to Get Involved

While surges in tourism might bring money into a country, that doesn’t mean they’re helping the country. Often, tourists change the country’s way of life, hike up prices to unaffordable limits, and trample all over the wildlife while their money benefits only the country’s richest as well as foreign investors. Perhaps ecotourism, if done right, can […]

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Weaving History and Prose: 5 Books about Central America You Need to Read

When the trumpet sounded, everything on earth was prepared and Jehovah distributed the world to Coca Cola Inc., Anaconda, Ford Motors and other entities: The Fruit Company Inc. reserved the juiciest for itself, the central coast of my land, the sweet waist of America. -Pablo Neruda Everyone seems to forget Central America exists. I can’t […]

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