Why I’m Boycotting Travel Bloggers, and You Should Too

Edit: Wow, I was not at all expecting this kind of response to my post. Thank you all so much for your likes and shares, but mostly for your comments! In the end, all I really wanted to do was spark discussion, and I’m glad I did. I’d like to respond to a comment I’m […]

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Study Abroad: Does Re-Entry Shock Ever Go Away?

Six years ago, I was given an opportunity to see parts of the world that, at this point in my life, had only existed in pictures and books in history and English classes. The Pyramids of Giza, the Roman Coliseum, and the Parthenon in Greece were about to leap from their pages and become tangible […]

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My Best Friend Moved Abroad, and I Lost My Shit

My best friend moved abroad, and then my other best friend did the same, all in one year. To be honest, I didn’t think I could deal. But it turns out I could. And there are some hidden benefits to having friends overseas. Let me start from the beginning. My last job wasn’t great. On paper, […]

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I Lived in Hotels for Three Years, and Travel Jobs Suck

Okay, they don’t always suck. This one didn’t always suck. And not all of them suck. Anthony Bourdain seems to have a pretty sweet gig. But this particular travel job, at this particular point in my life, had turned into something kind of sucky, and here’s why: Somewhere within the two-page job description was one […]

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